The Medicaid Reference Desk at SABE 2012

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) is a national self- advocacy organization. This year SABE’s tenth conference was held in St. Paul, Minnesota, and The Medicaid Reference Desk sponsored an exhibit to provide important information about Medicaid to self-advocates.  The conference theme this year was “It’s About Fairness,” which is very important to self-advocates, who want to be treated as equals with the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. Having control over the decisions that impact your life means having the information you need, especially about your health care services.

A lot of the conference was about self-advocates making their voices heard through avenues like voting. It also had sessions on different topics like jobs, relationships, and advocacy. There was also had a human rights fair that was about being treated with respect and dignity, as well as a dance and a play. Everyone had a great time, and people saw old friends and made new ones. Hundreds of people stopped by The Medicaid Reference Desk booth to ask questions about Medicaid, pick up information about programs and services, and enjoy some of our branded giveaways. Interest was so great that we gave away everything we had by the end of the conference!

Why was the SABE conference so exciting? Because it is a national organization whose members are all self-advocates and it is run by self-advocates. Their enthusiasm for the sessions and the topics make the conference really outstanding. At the conference, everyone is supporting each other to be included in the decision making process about their life; the Medicaid Reference Desk was proud to be on hand to provide information that helps self-advocates take control of their health care services and decisions.

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