The Medicaid Reference Desk is a tool to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find out what Medicaid can offer them.

The site has information on different Medicaid plans in each state and territory, including plans designed specifically to serve people with I/DD and other disabilities. It also has a Person-Centered Planning tool to help people think about what they want their lives to be like—at home, at work, in the community—and figure out what health care services they need to make this happen.

Medicaid changes every day. Sometimes this means there are new options for people with I/DD, but other times services might change or disappear. This site can be a guide to show you what questions to ask, where to look, and what to expect when trying to get Medicaid health coverage.

You should always check with your local health care providers or your state Medicaid agency for answers to detailed questions, and to find out how to apply for Medicaid. This site can also show you where to look for more information, and other places to get services that may not be covered by Medicaid.

A Note about Language:

Thumb DownMany states still use the “R” word when naming programs, places, or medical conditions for people with I/DD. We find this offensive, and the word does not appear anywhere on this site. However, it can be helpful to know the official name of a program or law when you are looking for more information. In places where we could not leave it out, we have used MR instead.

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