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We have tried to make this site accessible and easy to use. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, Medicaid Terms and Definitions page, and Services Offered page to learn more about the way Medicaid works and what the terms used by service providers mean.

Also, see the Page Tools section at the bottom of each page. Clicking on The Desk (in Larger Type) link will change the font sizes of the site, making it easier to read.

Made With Symbols For LifeWe have used images from Symbols For Life (TM) to illustrate several pages. In addition to helping explain the text in some places, these pictures can be used as a way to find your way around the site and locate the information you are looking for.

Site Guide:

On many of the state Medicaid pages, the following icons are used to help illustrate each of the service categories:
Community Community
Health Health
Home Home
Social Services Social Services
Work Work

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