Person-Centered Planning Toolkit

My PlanThis guide is to help you think about your life, your plans, your needs, and your happiness. It will ask you questions to start thinking about different areas, and will help you identify places to go for support and next steps you can take to make your life the way you want it.

This toolkit can be downloaded as a PDF that you can save or print, or you can write your answers on your own. If you need help doing this or going through the questions, you should get a friend, family member, or caregiver to help you before you get started.

Download the toolkit!

The questions are in five groups:


This group asks about getting around your town, doing things outside your home, seeing friends, and learning.


These are questions about medical services, doctors and therapists, how your mind and body feel, and paying for care.


This helps you think about doing things in your home, your family, and living somewhere you want to live.


This group of questions is about your job, your pay, and how you feel about work.


This part of the plan is for YOU. It will ask if you feel safe, if you are happy with your life, and if you get to make choices about the things you do.

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