Maine Medicaid Facts

The State of MaineMaine Medicaid Resources:

Maine Medicaid Facts: From Kaiser Family Foundation Medicaid Fact Sheet (2009)

There are 61,500 people with disabilities covered by Medicaid in Maine. Maine spent $14,062 on each Medicaid recipient with a disability in 2007.

18% of all people covered by Medicaid in Maine have a disability, while the national percentage is 15%.

The state spends 45% of all the money it spends on Medicaid on services for people with disabilities, while the national percentage of Medicaid spending on these services is 42%.

Maine Basic Medicaid Programs

The State of MaineMaineCare Primary Care Case Management:

This program provides health care for adults and children with disabilities. It does not cover those who live in nursing or intermediate care facilities, are eligible for Medicare, participate in an HCBS waiver, or are eligible for SSI payments. A range of basic medical services are available.

  • Health Health: ambulatory surgical centers, some family planning services, chiropractic, clinic services, durable medical equipment and other medical supplies, early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment, hearing, hospitalization, laboratory, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician services, podiatry, speech/language therapy, vision, x-ray
  • Home Home: home health care
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